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    Grand Nikko Bali


    The Panomatics Virtual Tour perfectly captures the stunning tranquility of the Grand Nikko Bali renowned resort. From the excellent, sweeping high definition 360 aerial view of the warm Indian Ocean waters lapping the resort’s periphery - to the idyllic beach shots highlighting the tropical white sands just a stone’s throw the accommodation. You can jump to the featured hot spots with ease – from taking a virtual reality walking tour of the hotel’s Lobby/Main Areas  - to the elegance of the accommodation.  

    Sequenced tours of Living room, Bedrooms and Bathrooms for each room – from the palatial ‘Presidential Suite’ to the exquisite comfort of the ‘Deluxe Beach Front Room’. The detail and clarity of the 360 Panoramic images excellently showcase the 3 delectable options for Weddings too – Kamita, Wiwaha and Cliff Top. Not to mention the fantastic 360 tours of the Dining establishments, from the simplicity of the ‘Delicatessen’ to the classy ‘La Terazza’ fine dining experience – or perhaps the oriental elegance   of the ‘BenKay Japanese Restaurant’ or enriching natural beauty of ‘The Shore’ beachfront dining. Panomatics 360 tours perfectly capture each setting and announce them to the customer with class and style.